The Baby Nursery One Room Challenge… That Didn’t Happen

I am going to post this and then ignore all of my notifications for the day. I am kidding, but I’m putting myself out there and it feels like posting naked pictures on the internet. I share a lot of my home, kids, and life and I usually keep it light, sarcastic and happy, but I also want to share the real stuff when I think it can be helpful and relatable.

Back in October I wrote up a whole post and made a mood board for my baby boy’s nursery. I thought I was going to knock out this room in 6 weeks with a bunch of other DIY/home bloggers. I love the challenge and I was excited to get this nursery done long before I did with my other two babies (I have done it the last 4-6 weeks of my pregnancy due to outside circumstances- moving and travel). I have hesitated writing this post or opening up publicly for numerous reasons, mostly for my own self preservation and denial. After another blogger friend of mine opened up with her struggles with miscarriage and infertility and other complications she has suffered over the last year I decided to do the same. She made me feel less alone. If she did that for me, maybe there is a friend here, who too, is going through something similar and feels isolated and in her own head.

After years (7 to be exact) of deciding whether or not we wanted to grow our family, if it was the right time, and if it was even possible, we decided last December, that we would try for another baby. Both of my other pregnancies have been during some of the craziest times of our lives and we thought it would be really great to have a less stressful one. My husband had just got a new job/promotion which ended up confirming our location for the foreseeable future and I had decided to end my hair styling career and pursue my passions (this). Seemed like great timing. Obviously you all know what the following year brought-joke is on us.

I found out I was pregnant The day before Father’s Day and I seriously couldn’t believe it. I have had some women’s issues the last handful of years to be short and wasn’t positive this was in the cards. I was so excited to share with my family. I was going to have the best most relaxed pregnancy I could, even amidst the pandemic and homeschooling/virtual teaching/assisting my kids.

The next two months were a ride. I have a history of light spotting when pregnant but I started bleeding and then ended up passing blood clots. Every week I was at the office for emergency appointments thinking I was losing the baby. Luckily I didn’t. I had a good month of nothing eventful and then I got a call after an ultrasound. I am typically an eternal optimist/ in denial when I get bad news, so when my doctor told me that she thought something was wrong with the growth of my baby and possibly something else with my placenta I told her my other kids weren’t big and maybe my due date was off a little. I tried to negotiate with her how I didn’t need to see the specialist. She let me ramble and then told me again she compared all three babies and studied the images and she was sorry but I was going to the specialist and she already had the appointment. Faaaackkkk! That’s what I said when I hung up.

I thought of every single scenario from they are dead wrong to the worst. Looking back I tried to protect myself by coming to a complete stop on everything. I quit planning his room, I didn’t buy anything, I wouldn’t do my registry or open any boxes that I may have to return. I felt like if I prepared myself for the worst or as if it might not be happening, then it would hurt less if something did happen. I didn’t want to be naive or look stupid (I know- to myself! lol sounds really stupid putting that in writing). I also was so bonked out thinking of having to tell my kids. They were so invested at this point. I didn’t tell anyone but Drew until we knew there was something to worry about.

I went to the fetal specialist and they did scans and asked me 400 times if I had any genetic trackers or markers that came back abnormal (I didn’t luckily) and I was diagnosed with interuterine fetal growth restriction. It’s pretty broad and there can be a zillion reasons why someone has it. We ruled out a number of reasons it’s not but they told me we probably won’t ever know why. I did have high blood pressure at the beginning of my pregnancy, which wasn’t shocking giving the state of the world, added responsibilities and having miscarriage scares weekly. The IUGR was my biggest concern at the time, hoping that he grows steadily, even if he doesn’t “catch up” into the normal or average range for size. I started seeing the specialist weekly for ultrasounds and appointments. I loved that they were extremely upfront and gave me real answers. No sugar coating with these people. As crazy as that sounds, it made me feel better knowing best and worst cases straight from their mouths. They told me exactly what they would do if A B or C happened.

The scary part of this diagnosis isn’t the baby might be small, the scary part is we don’t know why. Now that I am 4-5 months deep on this process we have found out more clues and information. Put simply-my placenta sucks. If you have ever been pregnant or had a bad placenta, you know that’s not good. I had placenta previa (the placenta was literally sitting over my cervix like a bowl under my baby’s head barely attached )and was high risk with my first pregnancy and looking back, so I am thankful I was so naive and never hit the google search bar. I didn’t know back then what it feels like to hold your own child in your arms and the ridiculous amount of love you have for this baby. It never really hit me what it would feel like to possibly lose that until after she was born. Ignorance is bliss.

Currently, twice a week, I see a specialist tocheck the blood flow to the placenta, to the brain and through the umbilical cord, making sure there is adequate blood flow. The mind boggling part for me mentally is that I’ve always had the mindset that the longer we keep him in the womb the better and in this scenario, its not that way. My placenta is showing signs of restricting blood flow. That’s the crappy part. We just hope it doesn’t completely restrict. At this point, today at least, the best option is to keep him in and monitor it, but that can change at any time. (Basically I have my hair clean and a some concealer on at every appointment just in case.) Delivering him early wouldn’t be the end of the world, modern medicine is crazy- it’s hoping my placenta doesn’t bail on us before that.

I know people are going through so much right now. I am not naive enough to think that my life is any harder than theirs. It’s not. I am damn lucky. I actually feel good-I always do pregnant, I am NOT on bedrest (been there-don’t want to do that again) I have an amazing husband and 2 other children, and I have a team of doctors and nurses watching out for me. Even with all the support and care in the world, I still struggle sometimes, and that’s what I really wanted to tell you. I am human and I do go to places in my mind I shouldn’t and I sometimes have a good cry about it. There are no guarantees, no one can tell me the outcome and I can only distract myself and carry on like normal so much and for so long. I have a few friends who have been through something similar and having their ear the last few weeks has been amazing. They also will probably lose my number in the near future.

As a semi-recovering people pleaser, I do want to say I’m not asking for sympathy or anyone to tell me everything is going to be okay. I’ve had my come to Jesus with every scenario. I started seeing a therapist, because this isn’t an easy thing to share with people, especially when you first are processing. I needed to say the things I was thinking-the real fears I was having without someone trying to minimize the situation or my feelings. I tend to put my feelings aside to not make others uncomfortable and try to get over things quickly. I think a lot of women do this. This time I decided I wasn’t going to do that to myself. I am allowed to be pissed, scared, sad, feel sorry for myself, grieve, and prepare for all outcomes. I can take space for this. Day to day I don’t feel all of these things but when I do, I let myself and that has been extremely helpful overall.

If you noticed me falling off the face of the earth for a minute, that’s why. I was so overwhelmed with adding this piece to my life. I felt super isolated, which I wasn’t, it just felt that way. I have an extremely supportive husband and friends, but it’s hard not to internalize a lot of feelings and thoughts when you have to go through something that doesn’t just go away in a few days or weeks. Keeping face for my kids in the beginning was hard, but we have told them the minimum. I have had to get admitted to the hospital a few times and I don’t want to freak them out in those situations.

I hadn’t told a lot of people until recently, but I appreciate the friends and family who have checked in on me and helped me. I don’t want to be a drain on them, which I’m sure I have been at times. I will definitely be a better friend in the future. If this has taught me anything, it’s that I really have some great people that have swooped in to help, and I have actually accepted that help. I even had a friend take my girls on Christmas Eve morning when I had an appointment. Who does that?

As I sit here writing this I’m dropping tears on my keyboard. I am so grateful for all of you, for supporting me, encouraging me, letting me share my projects and life with you. You didn’t even know you nooooooooo nooooooooo were getting me through one of the most stressful times of my life. DIY and creating have always been my outlet, but lately its what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I have never wished a pregnancy away and I don’t want to do that now either, but there will be the biggest relief when I get to the other side of this. I have a month or less to go and I finally ripped the tags off some outfits and ordered everything I have been putting off for months. I cracked his baby book and started putting stuff in a bag for the hospital. I cleaned out his nursery aka my former home decor hoarders den. Sounds silly, but this was a huge corner I had to turn mentally. It gave me a better mindset and I am getting excited again.

Amidst all of the highs and lows and stress, I am allowing myself to be happy, be excited and be positive. I hope you know if you are going through something big or small, you are NOT alone. Reach out to someone. If you get a poor response, reach out to someone else. This year hasn’t been for the faint of heart, and remember you never know what someone else is going through. Check in on your friends, it might mean more than you think.

Because I’m superstitious I have to say there will be a part two to this post and there will be a baby in his finished nursery. He might not be a brand new baby with a turn key bedroom but both things will happen and I can’t wait to share!

Modern-Cottage Lofted Bunk Bed

Two months (and a few weeks) later… this modern-cottage bunkbed with a full size bed lofted above a playhouse is near complete. I feel pretty good about that timeline considering I found out I was pregnant, had a few weeks of house guests, two birthdays, anniversary, started distance learning for two kids and life happening at the same time! At some point I will go back and paint the inside and add some shelving for a “nightstand” situation, but otherwise I am so happy with how the exterior turned out.

This project started when my daughter wanted a Pottery Barn bunk bed that looked like a cute little playhouse with a bed above. I almost bought it for her for Christmas, but the 400-600 shipping was killing me. Sometimes I wish they would just up the price and say free shipping. It would make me feel better. I decided to wait and see what was going to happen with our possible relocation so I wouldn’t have to put it together and take it down within a few months.(which we are not doing btw, we are staying here in STL for the long haul)

(If you are wanting a fun house style bunk bed I would highly recommend either one of these. They are beautiful! Trust me I made up for the price difference in manual labor and then some! The Treehouse Bunk Bed and the Playhouse Bunkbed from Pottery Barn run 1600-2100 and are really well made too!)

Stella’s birthday is in July and she brought up the bed again and I decided to start figuring it out if I could build something awesome for less. I stilled loved the inspiration beds I found, mostly the custom ones I found on Etsy, but if I could do it for less than the $2000 I could possibly do the floors or other projects with the $$$, plus I would get to customize it!

I did a lot of research, on and off for months. I Pinned every picture I could find of what I was looking for. I drew up so many designs and tried to think of everything, but a lot of it I figured out as I went. I did not follow plans for this bed. (I did adjust plans for the stairs though and they are linked here.) I used the dimensions of a full-sized bed to get the framing and sizing right. I have 8 foot ceilings so I wanted to maximize the height so it would be comfortable upstairs and downstairs for my growing kids. Originally I wanted to be able to take this bed down and disassemble. That went out the window real quick! It is permanent and will be taken down with a chain saw when the time comes! (Probably the day my kids take me to the nursing home LoL!!)

I have built other beds before, like my upholstered King-sized bed here. This bed was a different beast. I wanted this cute house that looked like a real little cottage, but it had to be safe and comfortable and a functional bed. I knew when I started it was going to take two or three months without a pandemic canceling all summer camps and being first trimester pregnant!

I don’t have a full tutorial, but here are some pictures of the process. I also broke down the entire cost of the bed and accessories along with sources at the very end!

First I installed the floors back in June, two days after I finished I found out I was pregnant with baby #3. I started the bed by framing out the front and back and adding a pitched roof. I left room for the windows and door openings.

After the frame was up I shiplapped the outside. This went pretty fast. I added a plywood roof and the dormer windows. Hindsight, I would have shingled the roof on the ground. Some of the top shingles were hard to nail in with the ceiling and I would have saved myself going up and down the ladder. I built the stairs with cubbies to use for storage. This bed is large so I wanted the least amount of clutter and furniture in the room.

At this point it was all the details. I added all of the trim on the corners, filled all of the nail holes, caulked the seams and painted all of the trim. The shiplap was preprinted, which saved me a ton of work. I paint matched a quart for the stairs and touch ups. Lights, a house number and window boxes gave the house so much “cottage charm” that we were going for. The slide was probably the part that gave me the most headache. The original one was WAY too steep. My kids were terrified!

Ta-dah! Here it is! It is so fun and so many kids have already enjoyed it. It is about 95% done. Over the next few weeks I will be adding second story planter boxes and painting the slide and platform. Later on, we will finish the inside, mostly with paint and I will give another update then!

Can you believe we went from this to this in just under three months?

Here is the breakdown:


  • Wood floors $400.00
  • Underlayment sheeting. 16.00
  • Baseboards 52.98
  • Pink paint 37.98



  • Roofing 1/4 sheets plywood $22.48
  • Cedar shakes 30.00


Slide and stairs:

  • plywood purchase 4×4 $18.60
  • Melamine board. 13.95
  • Square dowels 6.00


Wood Structure

  • 2×4-31x $3.16 $ 97.96
  • Fence brackets 4.08



  • 1×2 $42.26
  • 1×3 8.56
  • Shiplap 144.13
  • Trim moulding 10.64
  • 1×4 25.00


Other Supplies

  • Screws $10.98
  • Kreg screws 5.98
  • Caulk 3.98
  • Paint-shiplap 16.48
  • Wood filler 7.28



  • Mailbox $13.48
  • House numbers 3x 6.58 19.74
  • Foam inserts for planters 3.00
  • Ikea pillow cover 6.00
  • 2 light fixtures(20%off coupon) 44.06
  • Puck lights 21.00
  • Dresser-FB marketplace 100.00
  • Full-sized Mattress 200.00


Total Bed Cost: $573.48

Total Room Cost: $1386.44

First of all, I am dang proud that I had all of those receipts! I definitely could have cut a few corners to cut costs, but for less than the price of the original inspiration bed I was able to build a custom full-sized bed along, install all new floors and trim, furnishing the room and getting a new mattress. I will leave you with this. I would never build this again, at least not anytime soon, but I have no regrets! It is already so well loved and my kids have made so many memories playing in it and having sleepovers.

***Items on hand: Tools, nails, screws, primer, charcoal paint, iron on banding for stairs, some trim moulding, and scrap lumber.

Links available on my like to know it profile. Download the app and follow me there for access to sources.

Friday Favorites No. 5


It’s been a hot minute since I did my favorties on a Friday, but I wanted to share a few things that I got recently and loved! None of them are big or expensive this week! All under $40!

(Click on any of the photos for the links to the items!)

1 PEACH BANDS- I shared these peach bands booty bands a few weeks back and they are way better than the latex bands. they don’t roll or cut in and you don’t feel like they might snap on you!

2 SECHE GEL LIKE NAIL DUO- I have shared a ton of nail products, and I love a lot of different ones for different reasons. This duo though, you can’t beat the price and user friendliness. It dries quick, comes off with regular remover and stays on really really well for regular polish. The best part for me is that I get to use some of my favorite OPI polishes I already have and give them a longer lasting gel like effect.

3 PORTABLE CHARGER- I was influenced to get this power bank and it is a lifesaver. I have other ones but I always think if I had my iPhone charger and the other charger to charge the brick, wouldn’t I be able to already charge my phone?!?!? This one is special because it has 3 different cords integrated that store right inside the brick itself and it comes with an awesome hard side travel case that zips. I bought this for my husband to take when he travels, but I’ve been stealing it a lot!

4 CALMING CHEWS- Consult your vet, because I’m not one. Our dog Luna, has never ever been one to be scared of weather or storms, but the last few weeks the crazy storms we have had has bonked her out! She usually sleeps on the main floor and passes out well before we go to bed, then last week she started crying at the top of the stairs. She’s panting and chewing her paws. I hate to see her like that so we bought these and they worked so well. She isn’t “drugged” acting, just seems more content and is sleeping like she used to. Hopefully just short term, but who doesn’t need a little relaxing right now?

5 KAREN WALKER DUPES- If you are like me you have 10 pair of sunglasses. I love this shape and the price of course you cannot beat! They are super sturdy and do not feel like cheap sunglasses.

6-TIE DYE JUMP SUIT- I told you all I was going to wear this until the seams bust. It’s bump friendly and so comfortable to feel put together and wearing pajamas at the same time! It was sold out or October delivery so I did find one that has limited sizing and delivers with prime.

7.BANGLE KEYCHAIN WALLET- After seeing multiple people recommend these I found this cute scalloped one and its is quality especially for the price. Keys can be quickly changed off of the main ring and You can keep a few cards in the wallet. Personally, I have been keeping a little cash and gift cards I want to use or my kids $$ and cards in the pockets when we go shopping. There are a bunch of other color choices and patterns too. I love the coral one!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We have a few fun things going on, which feels so good! Today I have a baby appointment and then I’m taking the girls to Lifetime Pool so we can all have a relaxing day! I will also be trying to knock out some of the finishing details on that bed when I have pockets of time, so tune into stories for that saga!

Spring ORC-The Loft No. 3

Hey! I hope you are having a great week. After 11 weeks of quarantine and home school I feel like my DIY time has been limited, but that’s how it goes! And today we are officially done with school!!! Some projects are hard to start given that everyone is home all day everyday and I can’t send them anywhere LOL!! I am making it work. This weekend I had to switch gears and work on my patio because the weather was too good to let it pass by.

During week 3 I hung a lot of items on the walls. I used everything I had previously purchased or found around my house for this room. I had enough to keep me busy all week.

There are still things I need to source to finish up the desk and “classroom” area (to play school not homeschool… this is temporary!!!) , but I wanted to get what I had on the walls. I bought a lot of this for the girls last Christmas, so I had a vision going.

I had these two prints from the target dollar section. The frames were sitting in my spare bedroom. (I can’t even tell you how long this took me to get these two level and spaced right… I don’t know what the heck was going on with me that day LOL quarantine brain!!!!

I wanted the desks to look symmetrical so they look cleaner and not messy and cluttered. Whatever system you use in a playroom, it has to be EASILY managed. What works for my house is simple, one step clean up and organization. Each desk has a little wicker basket that fits workbooks, notebooks and a few random trinkets that end up in this area.

*For example: put crayons in a an open container that is sitting out or on a shelf. Kids won’t (1)get container out of a cabinet (2) put them in the container and (3)put it back in cabinet. That AIN’T happening. It’s too many steps. Dropping them into a cup on the table they do art at is ONE STEP! Perfect!

So, here is what I have going on so far. I gave each girl a bulletin board for artwork and photos they love. (I love this for clutter control and limit the amount we keep in a period of time.) I installed a metal rod that has removable, hanging containers from Ikea. They no longer sell these exact ones, but here is something similar. Each side has three containers for colored pencils, sharpies, makers and twist crayons. (FYI these can stand on a table alone.) They each have a 3 tiered pen holder from Target a few years back on top of their desks too. (They might stay they might go!)

I hung a marker board I already had sitting in my basement home gym. This giant ornate frame from Stella’s nursery just happened to fit around it perfectly. I will show on stories later how I made it work. (spoiler: just chisel off the inside edge of the frame) The girls and I split this Target dollar spot ABC banner in half and hung it above with clear command hooks.

I brought up an old locker that I used in my salon for years as storage. It’s super bright but I’m undecided on what to do with that wall and if its the right storage. I plan on painting the marker board frame and the locker too!

I waited all week until Thursday afternoon to get cracking on my big projects I had been putting off. Two huge goals for the week were swapping out the four track lights for 4 recessed LED lights and then changing out all of the light switches and plug-ins/outlets for new updated ones. Below are a few messy snaps of what they looked like before!

If you followed along in Instagram stories, then you know this was a messy dry wall dust project, but so glad I did it anyway. If you have a similar situation in your house that you want to change, I just want you to know I had NEVER done this before and I figured it out, so that means you can too! Research, research, research and then go for it! (It always helps to run it by someone who does know how to do it to make sure you have a good plan.)

Ummm yes, do this during the day or you will be borrowing your kids headlight to finish during sunset! LOL Sometimes you just have to finish the project before you call it a night!

I can’t even tell you how much I love having those black track lights gone. I see this view when I wake up in my bed and I LOVE how clean it looks now.

I have a fan picked out ordered and I’m working on a top of the stairs light to coordinate. (The same flush mount light is above the stairs and two more in the adjoining hallway.)

In the next week I am hoping to patch and paint the ceiling and stairwell. For some reason, the previous owners painted this room’s ceiling a yellow tint and the hallway white. Gotta love that! Hope you all have a great remainder of your week and weekend! Hang in there!

Source List items that weren’t linked in the post:

I can’t go without giving you my updated checklist. Did I add more items or check more off?!?!!

Loft To Do List: 

  • clean out all excess books/toys/games/supplies
  • paint room
  • paint baseboards
  • paint connecting stairwell 
  • paint baseboards and door trim
  • desk chairs
  • hang bulletin boards and storage above desks
  • replace all plugs and switches
  • trim out windows
  • update window treatments
  • add chalkboard and map
  • add framed marker board 
  • ledge for markers/chalk
  • makeover kids table
  • update seating/couch 
  • storage for craft/school supplies
  • finish AG Doll House
  • replace fan
  • remove track lighting for can lights
  • add task lighting above desks
  • artwork/plants/decor
  • fill holes In ceiling*
  • paint ceiling*
  • paint framed marker board*
  • tv wall feature*
  • put recessed lighting on a dimmer*
  • paint locker*
  1. *added on projects
  2. projects finished in the last weeks

Thank you for reading! I’ll be back next week with another One Room Challenge update!

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Spring ORC-The Loft No. 2

I think we all know by now that paint is the most transformative thing you can do to a room for the smallest budget.

A few weeks ago, I posted this photo on Instagram stories. I polled you all on which color you all thought I should paint the loft. I ended up going with the bottom color which is “Pale Oak” by Benjamin Moore. I know a lot of people voted for the bright white, but trust me the darker color is still in the white family.

Here are the swatches up close and then a wall view of the whole wall before I painted.

ahhhh ahhhhhHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH (In my Frozen 2 soundtrack voice)

I love it. I love it so much and I am so glad I didn’t go lighter. I want the white furniture to pop just a little but not compete with shades of white. Here are the furniture items that are staying: tv/tvstand/bookshelf, the tall bookshelf, the two navy blue desks, dollhouse and most likely the table.

At this point, it felt so good to have a clean slate to start. I hope you agree that it is a major improvement too. I cannot wait to get those black track lights down and finish the dollhouse. They are such an eyesore. That’s another week though!

All of the baseboards in this room got painted as well. I know some people think trim and baseboards are intimidating. This week I will show you in stories on instagram some tips and tricks to make it quick and painless. I promised myself that I will paint all of the baseboards room by room as I go and also swap out the almond colored outlets and switches.

I’ll be honest, at some point we will replace the flooring upstairs and I will put in new baseboards, but it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE TIME to give them a quick coat of paint until then. It will make your paint and room look complete. If you are like me and you skip this, you will be thinking about the fact that it needs done every time you come in this room.



That’s all for this week. This room has been used SO much the last month and I’m excited to keep getting stuff done in it. Whenever you clean out a space and make it more functional the people start using it more. The paint was a big job especially since we were using the room for our “homeschool/distance learning” at the same time. I wanted to get the outlets done but it just didn’t happen. I have few more things 1/2 done that aren’t pictured so next week will be a big progress post!

Loft To Do List: 

  • clean out all excess books/toys/games/supplies
  • paint room
  • paint baseboards
  • paint connecting stairwell 
  • paint baseboards and door trim
  • desk chairs
  • hang bulletin boards and storage above desks
  • replace all plugs and switches
  • trim out windows
  • update window treatments
  • add chalkboard and map
  • add framed marker board 
  • ledge for markers/chalk
  • makeover kids table
  • update seating/couch 
  • storage for craft/school supplies
  • finish AG Doll House
  • replace fan
  • remove track lighting for can lights
  • add task lighting above desks
  • artwork/plants/decor

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back next week with another One Room Challenge update!

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Master Bedroom No. 3 DIY Upholstered Wingback Bed Tutorial

This tutorial took me almost 8 months to write. It is detailed with a lot of photos, which is why I was putting it off so long! Anyway I hope if you have considered building your own upholstered bed that this can help you. I had been eyeing all of the high back upholstered beds for a while. Our master bedroom is big and I wanted a statement bed. I also wanted a super comfortable and cosy bed, like an amazing hotel.

I thought our mattress was needing replaced (even though it was high end, fairly new and has a 25 year warranty) because it was becoming so uncomfortable. After I took everything off, it turned out the frame was too wide for the mattress and it wasn’t being supported properly. The slats were breaking down because the box spring was sitting on top of 1×2 slats, not the actual bed frame structure. The boards were cheap to be honest.

I looked at so many beds. I decided I wanted a really tall wing-back headboard with upholstered side rails and mid-century modern legs. The one I wanted was about $1000 on sale and it was not the most expensive by far. I was ready to buy it, but I knew I could do it for less myself and get the exact size, style and fabric that I wanted.

There are similar headboard tutorials, but I wanted to build an entire bed. I didn’t want a metal frame. I wanted to build a custom frame to fit the mattress and box spring tightly. It turned out better than I could ever have expected. I documented the process so I could share it here.

PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE BUILDING THIS BED: I am going to share what I did to build this bed with my dimensions. My bed is not a standard King. You can adapt it to fit yours. My bed measures 2.5 inches shorter on each side compared to a standard bed.

For reference: My mattress/ box spring measures 73.5 x 77.5 inches. A Standard King is 76×80

I started out by laying out the box springs together.

Step 1: Building the Bed Frame

I measured the box spring and added 1 inch to each side. Then using 2x4s I framed out the base of the bed. I chose to make the base almost the same size as the box spring so the bed fits tight and secure in the frame.

I added 3 slats spaced evenly between the frame boards for support. (Remember: this is for a bed WITH a box spring. If you don’t use one you will need more slats for support). I used 3 inch wood screws to put these together.

I used these 6 inch Mid-Century Modern Legs purchased from Amazon. I needed to add a little block in each corner to support their square bases. (I attached the blocks with two wood screws as well) Depending what type of legs you use, you may or may not need to add these blocks. Predrill the holes for the base plates. After the plates are on you just screw the legs in.

Flip the frame over. You will need to add more “leg supports” in the middle of the bed if it is a King size. I used scrap 2x4s for this. Because I am upholstering the entire frame, and it is sitting low to the ground, you cannot see these “rough legs”. If you are concerned, you might want to purchase extra “pretty” ones.

Cut four legs and attach them to the second and forth slats so they are out of sight. Put the box spring or mattress back on the bed because next we are going to make the upholstered side and foot rails.

Step 2: Building and Upholstering the Side and Foot Rails

I bought one sheet of 4×8 foot plywood to rip down (cut into strips) to make the rails. Below is a diagram of how I had Lowe’s rip my 4×8 board. I have a miter saw so I cut the small cuts at home. They ripped 3-10 inch wide planks and 2-9 inch planks.

Remember when figuring out the lengths of these rails the FRONT board needs to cover the side boards so you don’t see the ends from the front. It will make sense in the next few pictures. The side rails only need to cover the 2×4 frame.

In the picture below, you can see I laid all 3 side rails out so they tightly framed in the base of the bed. After you “dry fit” them, then it’s time to upholster.

I used upholstery grade fabric from JoAnn Fabric. This is the best choice because it can withstand the pulling and stapling without ripping. (The fabric looks a little wrinkled but it isn’t, I needed to steam it.) You need to upholster all three rails. (I did not take pictures of upholstering the rails. I did take better pictures of the remaining pieces, so after you see all of them it will be easy to do the rails.) Basically you wrap it with batting and then with upholstery like a present. the entire back doesn’t need to be covered. Just pull it as tight as you possibly can. You will use a million staples.

After all three are all upholstered, starting with the front rail, you want to attach it to the main 2×4 frame. make sure to use 2 inch or under screws, but be careful not to go through the front of the rails. You will attach the rail to the frame from the inside of the 2×4 frame. Make sure the board is level and even before doing the sides.

Don’t worry if the rails seem like they aren’t standing up straight, this is where the “L brackets” come in. As you can see in the second picture it straightens them right out. When you are screwing through the fabric you might have to cut a little hole or cut out the batting so it goes through to the wood easily.

Next, I will show you my cheap trick to hide the box spring. I took a white fitted king sheet I had on hand and covered the box spring with it tightly. Then add the mattress on top, and now its time for the final piece- THE HEADBOARD!

Step 3: Building and Upholstering the Headboard

The headboard is made out of two wingback pieces(these are mirror images-one left and one right) and the main back piece. I have a lot of photos but it’s not super complicated. (Please excuse some of the messy pictures. I was building this in the room with all of my old furniture, two kids and trying to get it done to surprise my traveling husband … can we say #makeitwork?)

The first picture is terrible but it is the only picture I could find without the main headboard piece assembled. The wood for the wingbacks are sitting in place in the back (in case you couldn’t picture it.) The second picture is the bed assembled.

FYI: My headboard is 60 inches tall from the floor to the top.

First we are going to build the two wingback pieces. DO NOT FORGET ONE RIGHT ONE LEFT SIDED PIECES! I am using the the plywood that was ripped 9 inch wide. I cut it to 60 inches tall. I decided that I wanted these to be thicker so they looked more substantial from the front view. I doubled up the 9 inch wide plywood from the top of the headboard until it hits the frame of the bed/ side rails. For my bed this was 44 inches of double plywood (This is the part that might be confusing.) I pieced it with left over scraps. After it is upholstered YOU CANNOT tell at all. (Look at the photo below for a better idea). The second picture shows what it looks like with the fabric over it.

I then attached a 60inch 1×4 on the side. This 1×4 will be behind the headboard against the wall. I cut a rectangle of batting. I sprayed the back of the wing with adhesive and laid it on top making sure it was smooth. (Think wrapping a gift)

As you can see I left the batting off of part of the 1×4. This is because it will get bulky when you add the headboard later. The batting can be fitted and stapled and then trimmed LAST, so don’t worry about it being perfect until you are ready to put fabric on it. I was marking where the headboard would go on the wing. Mine was 33 inches-which is pictured on the measuring tape. That is the part of the wing that will show when the bed is assembled.

(Pictured above 1-6)

(1-2) Cut a piece of upholstery fabric and using the spray adhesive make a folded over hem. (spray the edge and fold it over straight). (3) Test wrap the fabric and neatly trim off the excess. Cut a rectangle that will cover the exposed end. (4)spray the L shaped end and place the rectangle on it. Cut little square corners out to get rid of excess fabric. (5-6) spray and wrap the main fabric around covering the raw edges.

Part of this will not show, but I decided I wanted to fully wrap the exposed wood. Staple it in the seam but remember the top part of this will show and you don’t want dents. Spray adhesive is enough on the wide flat parts.

This view is from the bottom. You can see where the wood was doubled up and then when it transitions to single ply. Repeat the same process to the bottom of the board to cover the batting. I did not put batting on the inside of the “L” on the 1×4 side as seen above I just wrapped the fabric around. You can see in the second picture out the wing is thick and then rests right on top of the side rail. It turned out to work better than I pictured. It makes it feel really cozy and well made. In the pictures below you can see that the 1×4 pieces don’t show after we attach the back piece so you can put as many staples in that area as you need.


The FINAL piece is the middle back of the headboard. THIS IS THE EASIEST PART. The only thing you need to remember is, , make this fabric wrap as tight as you possibly can. You don’t want it to sag or wrinkle after all of that work. It is the main thing you see.

The headboard piece is a plywood sheet measuring 33x 77.5 (same width as front rail). It is a large rectangle. You need the foam mattress pad, batting and the upholstery fabric. Start by cutting the foam mattress pad to the size of the headboard. Use spray adhesive to attach it. I had to stretch mine because it was slightly too small. DO NOT STAPLE THE FRONT OF THE HEADBOARD.

After the foam you will wrap the headboard in batting. it will smooth the foam out around the edges. Cut a piece of upholstery for the final wrap. I made mine really neat and symmetrical, but it is not necessary as it does not show. I folded in a side first, turning under the raw edge and stapling the fabric tight. I cut off part of the excess fabric on the corners. Leave one of the long edges for last and pull it as tight as possible.

All that is left to do is attach the two wingbacks to the main headboard piece. I found it easiest to lay the main piece face down on the mattress as pictured below. Then lay each wing piece on top and screw them to the headboard from the back of the 1×4 piece. I did 4 screws on each side and it felt very sturdy.

I did not attach the headboard onto the main frame/base, but you could do that with screws or more metal brackets. I stood it up in place and pushed the frame against the wall in front of it.

Just incase you thought this room was finished and clean.. this is the reality of doing DIY project along with life… what you usually don’t see on the other side of the shot! LOL it is all cleaned up and gone now, but I had to document the mess too!

Here are a few updated pictures of the bed now. I LOVE it and look forward to climbing in every. single. night! If you ever have a question feel free to contact me!

Supplies and Cost Breakdown:


FYI: These are the supplies I needed based on my bed measurements and the supplies I had on hand. I had some left over plywood and the 2-1x4s.

Make sure to measure out the fabric needed before ordering. Originally I ordered fabric and it was not one continuous piece so I had to order more half way through. If I didn’t have that mistake I would have made it for under $250!! I had already started cutting so I couldn’t return the pieces. I still feel like I got an amazing custom bed in a few days for under $300!!!

Thank you for reading and let me know if you build a bed of your own!

Spring ORC-The Loft No.1

The Spring One Room Challenge has been postponed until May 7, but I started on the original schedule because I am well underway with the room and I am using this as motivation to finish. The room I chose was our Loft. It is the landing at the top of our stairs on the second floor.

The Loft has been our kids playroom since we moved into the house. In the beginning we didn’t have any storage or furniture. We just threw everything up there because it just was NOT a priority. This room has evolved so many times. I never really had a solid plan. I built some different storage units but they weren’t well thought out for the toys we had and the storage we needed.

This is what it looked like when we bought the house. The day we moved in we ripped this carpet out. People have different standards for pets… we prefer they go to the bathroom OUTSIDE. Thankfully it was just carpet and padding, not the sub floor, but I rolled KILLZ on it anyway.

Later we discovered there was wallpaper and a boarder up, which had been painted over. That was NOT fun to remove. There were a few rooms in the house where they painted over a boarder and then put up thin moulding around it so I had ZERO clue there was actual wallpaper under it! We removed the paper and painted the walls this gray.

I tried to find the earliest pictures. This is right after we moved in, painted and put in new carpet.

Paint is Cathedral Gray by Behr in Satin (babies/toyroom/handprints must be durable)

I spent the first year living here painting the ENTIRE house. It was nice to let Alaire play in this space while I worked. Sometimes it was a disaster but at least it was in one room.

At some point I built these Pottery Barn inspired shelves from A lot of the play furniture is built from plans on her site. As our kids have gotten older we have added and removed toys and storage. I ended up selling all of the white shelving units, the kitchen set, and food stand. We also upgraded our tv during the decade at some point!

The best thing we did at this point was sell and donate EVERYTHING except what the girls actually love. This is a tricky room because as kids grow their favorites and interests grow, so its not a one and done type clean out. These areas have to be managed annually. It’s just life.

If you feel overwhelmed by toys and trinkets, here is my advice you didn’t ask for: QUIT BUYING IT. Ask friends and family not to either. I know it might seem harsh but people buy too much crap for our kids. My kids don’t need trinkets and toys for everything that has ever happened to them. Items don’t replace memories or relationships. It causes stress on your kids and you! (Unless you are a unicorn and it doesn’t bother you!). Bring less in and you have to clean less out.

Onto the current “BEFORE”

This is what the loft looks like now. Christmas 2018 I bought the white bookshelves and the desks. The girls love to do art, drawing and play school. They wanted to turn part of the loft into a “classroom”. I bought some stuff to do it but then didn’t completely set it up.

Flash forward… now we are in quarantine and doing school from home. I not only have a lot of the supplies on hand to update/refresh/finish this space, but now I have more motivation too!

My goal for this room is to have a clean, light, functional space where my kids can play, work on homework (homeschool temporarily) play games and just have fun. I want a space that is easy on the eyes, yet functional, comfortable, and flexible as well. This room is the view from my bedroom and the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs.

Loft To Do List:

  • clean out all excess books/toys/games/supplies
  • paint room
  • paint connecting stairwell
  • paint baseboards and door trim
  • desk chairs
  • hang bulletin boards and storage above desks
  • replace all plugs and switches
  • trim out windows
  • update window treatments
  • add chalkboard and map
  • add framed marker board
  • ledge for markers/chalk
  • makeover kids table
  • update seating/couch
  • storage for craft/school supplies
  • finish AG Doll House
  • replace fan
  • remove track lighting for can lights
  • add task lighting above desks
  • artwork/plants/decor

It is a “lofty” list… no pun intended but I am hoping for the best. I am going to try to get all of this done in the next 8 weeks. Obviously given current circumstances and access to supplies online, I could run into a few projects not being able to be completed right now. I am just going to do my best to get as many items checked off with what I can get a hold of and what I have on hand.

I will be posting here on the blog everything Thursday for the next 7 weeks with updates and projects completed! Also follow along on instagram @itsannamariepalmer for additional content, stories and photos of the process Wish me luck!

If you want to check out all of the other participants head over here-ORC Blog Page for LOTS of inspiration and other bloggers/DIY’ers/ Designers.

Master Bedroom No. 2

I shared my To Do List on the post “ Master Bedroom No. 1 .” I’m sure you were thinking it was a bit daunting! Don’t worry I already completed a handful of the items on it!

If you don’t remember the current “Before”… it was GREEN… very GREEN!!!!

Drew and I were getting ready to go on a 10 year anniversary trip to Greece the last two weeks of September, so I started this project in August and used the trip as motivation to get the room put back together before we left. (I need time restraints sometimes to get motivated)

Baby mattress was for a child who used to wander in too often at night… I actually highly recommend having one under your bed for said times.

The first project I did was build a custom upholstered bed. I will share a full tutorial for this bed very soon! It was a large project, but very doable, even for a beginner DIY project. You don’t even know how excited I was when it all worked out the way I had planned in my head. I will share a TON of step by step photos and details on the fabric in the tutorial post.

The next and biggest project was painting this room. This took me a hot minute, but the transformation was so good. I LOVE coming into this room now. I wanted a big bold accent wall in a moody blue green and a clean white for the remaining walls.

I decided to paint the main accent wall and the baseboards the same color too. I kept the hanging side lamps because they are so functional and on remote switches. I love that they don’t take up any nightstand surface space too. I still liked the cork shades for a natural element and texture as well.

At this point I decided that I wanted to build out a custom closet and get rid of all of our dressers and other bedroom furniture. I want to use the space to have more seating without feeling crowded. It wasn’t functioning to come into the main bedroom and then back and forth to the closet to get clothes. Our closet is very large and it would be a shame to not bring it to its full potential!!! (ammmiirighhht ladies???)

We priced the furniture to sell and got it out right away. For a temporary solution we bought two plastic drawer sets and put them in our closet. Realistically we each only needed a few drawers to replace the dressers. This is a good way to see what we actually need to function when I make over the closet.

Source List:

Bedding: Duvet- Micro Texture Duvet Cover Set – Project 62™ + Nate Berkus™ Lumbar Pillow- Hearth and Hand with Magnolia @Target

Hanging Lamp: Wooden Bracket- Ikea EKBY VALTER (discontinued) and replaced with Ikea SANDSHULT. Hemma Plug-in Light Fixture Cord Drum Shade- Ikea cork Shade (discontinued). Any Large Drum Shade would work!

Paint: Midnight in the Tropics by Behr in Eggshell. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell

To Do List for Master Bedroom:

  • Build new upholstered king sized bed
  • Sell bedroom set and move clothes into closet
  • Paint walls
  • Hang new curtains and rods
  • Nightstands
  • Electronics/Charger Solution
  • Replace all plug-ins and switches
  • Replace Baseboards
  • Frame out windows
  • Add a couch or daybed
  • Full Length Mirror between windows
  • Faux Fireplace and/or TV built in
  • Add minimal bookshelves/Update Office area
  • Accent Chairs/End of Bed Bench
  • Artwork/photos/plants/decor

Master Bedroom No. 1

This is the listing photo on my master bedroom. The room is big. That’s the best thing it had going for it. I feel like I could sneeze looking at those curtains. So dirty!!! As with most of the house, I could see the potential. This house is a very open, spacious floor plan, but the previous owners REALLY made us have to look past the decor.

Fun Fact: We made an offer on this house without Drew seeing it in person. Talk about the ultimate trust test!

This picture was taken August 2019, but it has pretty much looked the same since we moved in. (June 2011). I painted the room this green after we moved in, which looks really bright in this picture, but it’s probably more like the window wall in person. NO EXCUSES it’s terrible. I didn’t love the color from the beginning, but its a LARGE undertaking to paint this room and other things just always took precedence. When we bought I was going through an “overwhelmed by going from decorating a little town house or apartment to a large family home” phase. I tried to paint every room something different. Let’s just say, it didn’t need to be done. Live and learn.

Over the years from 2011-2019 I did the following to this room:

  • filled a million nail/ screw holes and painted the walls
  • hung new curtains
  • replaced the ceiling fan
  • put in new carpet
  • hung bedside hanging lamps
  • towel hooks in hallway
This is the wall across from the bed. The door on the left goes out to the loft and the stairs going down to the main floor.
This is the wall to the left of the door going out to the loft. The hallway to the closet and the bathroom is the opening on the left.

Overall, we have not done much in here. It’s such an amazing space and has so much potential. It was killing me that we could possibly leave this home and had never used this or ENJOYED this space. The area by the door always seemed to be an overflow dumping ground for random items, fix it and donation piles. It’s right off of the loft/playroom and the stairs, so that seems to happen.

Last summer I decided when the kids went back to school I was going to make over this room. I felt like we really deserved a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. I wanted it to be a room we put some effort into because our whole family spends a decent amount of time in here. I have made over kids bedrooms multiple times and I was ready to put in some thought into my own!

This is the hallway off the main bedroom. The door on the left is our closet, the door on the right is the master bathroom.

I knew I wanted to paint, declutter, get rid of all of the main furniture, and get a big high back upholstered bed. I also knew I could build one, so I waited until Drew was on a work trip for a week to attempt it before selling all of our furniture. (He doesn’t LOVE construction zones and I like the element of surprise and a deadline to keep me motivated.)

I feel like there are a million things to do in this room, not even including the closet and bathroom. Here is my main project list:

To Do List for Master Bedroom:

  • Build new upholstered king sized bed
  • Sell bedroom set and move clothes into closet
  • Paint walls
  • Hang new curtains and rods
  • Nightstands
  • Electronics/Charger Solution
  • Replace all plug-ins and switches
  • Replace Baseboards
  • Frame out windows
  • Add a couch or daybed
  • Full Length Mirror between windows
  • Faux Fireplace and/or TV built in
  • Add minimal bookshelves/Update Office area
  • Accent Chairs/End of Bed Bench
  • Artwork/photos/plants/decor

Oh crap, LOL that’s a lot left to do, but I try not to get overwhelmed. Some stuff is 100% going to happen and some are just ideas! It doesn’t all have to happen at once either!

This is basically my “BEFORE” post and I will be sharing what we have done to this room, what it looks like now (obviously with before and after pictures), along with all of the continuing projects as we do them!

Thanks for stopping and comeback for No. 2 update soon!

10 Reasons to NOT take a Girls Trip

(or night out)

I have been a mom for 10 years. A decade. I, like most of you have shed blood, sweat and tears over these precious babies. I love them so damn much. There aren’t words. Little tears pop out when I think about it too much. How lucky I am to be their mom. Sometimes tears pop out if I think about how many days and hours I spend wiping asses, floors, and cabinet doors. Don’t think for a minute I don’t know some day my heart will ache when they quit making these messes and they don’t crawl into my bed to hug me before sun comes up. I already know it will. I miss the little chubby babies they once were and the silly toddlers and soon I’ll mis this age right now. That hurts too, and it’s hard to live in the now and have the 20/20 vision that only comes with looking in the rearview.

I’m in the thick of it. It’s the filling of a donut. First bite is just the dry dough, no pudding, but then you find it. Its heavy and sweet and you think it lasts forever, but it doesn’t and pretty soon you’ve eaten it all and you are back to the dry donut you had at the very beginning.

I’m going to tell you right now. I can’t end up a dry donut butt with no pudding. I can’t only enjoy the middle. I WON’T. I REFUSE. I will love every damn moment of this motherhood…. But I don’t need to be here with my kids 24/7 to be a good mama who loves her kids and neither do you. You were someone before and you will be someone after. You do not have to wait though, YOU CAN BE SOMEONE IN THE MIDDLE YEARS. Is it harder to make happen? YES of course it is, but it’s not impossible.

Last weekend I took one night- 24 hours off from being a mom, a wife, a house manager, a taxi driver and even from my new gig-half assed-housewife (kidding but…). I didn’t go anywhere spectacular or over the top, but trust me when I say I can have a REAL good time anywhere. My friend has a lake house and we usually go for one night in the winter. It’s a few hours away and I love riding in the car, getting ready together, getting midnight snacks at the gas station. It takes me back to being in my early 20’s and I love it! I’ve taken all kinds of girls trips with ALL sorts of people and it doesn’t matter if they are expensive and somewhere warm or just one night out-they are all an escape from the daily grind. We all deserve time away from the regular scheduled programming once in a while.

Do you take time off for yourself and your girlfriends or even a solo trip or night away? Yes? Great! Keep it up because it’s important for your sanity. One of my biggest mom goals is to NOT star in my own Lifetime Movie and this is one of the things I do to try to keep the streak going.

If you are the type of girl who just CAN. NOT. LEAVE. THE. KIDS. well, keep reading because here are my top 10 reasons to seal the deal that you are doing the right thing for yourself.

TOP 10 reasons to SKIP the Girls TRIP/ Nights Off From Your Kids:

  1. Your kids would find out there is more than one way to put them to bed at night.
  2. Your spouse might do all of the things you’ve been thinking you wish he would, but you can’t quit doing all of them because you want them done “right”. What would you have to complain about then?
  3. You don’t want to experience the bear hug from your whole family when they missed you even if it was “just one night”.
  4. Your kids would appreciate you even more after realizing how much you do for them in your absence.
  5. You can’t. You just can’t. It will be social suicide. What would you have to complain about with Gina, your BFF who also never leaves her kids? You would be on the losing side of the battle of who gets less time away from being a mom.
  6. You will DEFINITELY get kicked out of your Facebook group “Martyr Moms” when someone tags you in pictures in a bikini cannon balling into a pool.
  7. You will avoid the euphoria and peace that comes from taking an actual break from regular life.
  8. You would have to start over at day one when you are competing for who hasn’t had a night out in the longest with your spouse.
  9. You are saving your kids from finding out that you have friends besides them and you actually enjoy doing something besides changing diapers, taxi driving kids to practices and vacuuming the floor. They could even find out what’s under your mom bun-Thank god you aren’t going to let your hair down!
  10. You won’t have to make memories, cry laughing over old ones, eat a ton of junk food, maybe drink a few drinks or fountain sodas, burn your tongue on frozen pizzas and dance to your favorite rap songs at a dive bar before crashing in a bed without any short people showing up.

All jokes aside, I hope all of you mamas realize how important you are.

I hope you know that if no one tells you how hard your job is- I see you and I know you are doing your best.

We all are doing our best with what we have and where we are now. I won’t babysit your kids for you-I’m not THAT nice, but I will have you back if that side-eyed mom from school is talking smack about you.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Make sure you are taking a break. You can’t do it all and you don’t NEED to do it all. These babies are watching. These little girls are seeing how they should treat themselves by looking at us.

This mom job doesn’t come with paid time off, so you have to MAKE it happen. You won’t regret it, I promise. Unfortunately, no one is going to step in and say “sweetie you are about 3 weeks from having a 2 year old meltdown at the grocery store, it’s time you schedule a break for yourself”.

If you saw my Instagram stories this week, then you know what I’m talking about when I say you might even have fun with a $3 pretend turd from a roadside gas station! Dream big my friends!

Keep reaching for the stars and enjoy the long weekend with your family or friends!

P.S. I know someone will message me and tell me that they don’t want to go out with friends, they don’t want to be away from their family/kids/spouse/hot mess house. Okay that’s great, but you are an outlier. This message isn’t for you. (see big red X in the corner of the browser window.) It’s for the women who feel guilty or have a hard time doing something they WANT to do for themselves!