Friday Favorites No. 5


It’s been a hot minute since I did my favorties on a Friday, but I wanted to share a few things that I got recently and loved! None of them are big or expensive this week! All under $40!

(Click on any of the photos for the links to the items!)

1 PEACH BANDS- I shared these peach bands booty bands a few weeks back and they are way better than the latex bands. they don’t roll or cut in and you don’t feel like they might snap on you!

2 SECHE GEL LIKE NAIL DUO- I have shared a ton of nail products, and I love a lot of different ones for different reasons. This duo though, you can’t beat the price and user friendliness. It dries quick, comes off with regular remover and stays on really really well for regular polish. The best part for me is that I get to use some of my favorite OPI polishes I already have and give them a longer lasting gel like effect.

3 PORTABLE CHARGER- I was influenced to get this power bank and it is a lifesaver. I have other ones but I always think if I had my iPhone charger and the other charger to charge the brick, wouldn’t I be able to already charge my phone?!?!? This one is special because it has 3 different cords integrated that store right inside the brick itself and it comes with an awesome hard side travel case that zips. I bought this for my husband to take when he travels, but I’ve been stealing it a lot!

4 CALMING CHEWS- Consult your vet, because I’m not one. Our dog Luna, has never ever been one to be scared of weather or storms, but the last few weeks the crazy storms we have had has bonked her out! She usually sleeps on the main floor and passes out well before we go to bed, then last week she started crying at the top of the stairs. She’s panting and chewing her paws. I hate to see her like that so we bought these and they worked so well. She isn’t “drugged” acting, just seems more content and is sleeping like she used to. Hopefully just short term, but who doesn’t need a little relaxing right now?

5 KAREN WALKER DUPES- If you are like me you have 10 pair of sunglasses. I love this shape and the price of course you cannot beat! They are super sturdy and do not feel like cheap sunglasses.

6-TIE DYE JUMP SUIT- I told you all I was going to wear this until the seams bust. It’s bump friendly and so comfortable to feel put together and wearing pajamas at the same time! It was sold out or October delivery so I did find one that has limited sizing and delivers with prime.

7.BANGLE KEYCHAIN WALLET- After seeing multiple people recommend these I found this cute scalloped one and its is quality especially for the price. Keys can be quickly changed off of the main ring and You can keep a few cards in the wallet. Personally, I have been keeping a little cash and gift cards I want to use or my kids $$ and cards in the pockets when we go shopping. There are a bunch of other color choices and patterns too. I love the coral one!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We have a few fun things going on, which feels so good! Today I have a baby appointment and then I’m taking the girls to Lifetime Pool so we can all have a relaxing day! I will also be trying to knock out some of the finishing details on that bed when I have pockets of time, so tune into stories for that saga!

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