Master Bedroom No. 2

I shared my To Do List on the post “ Master Bedroom No. 1 .” I’m sure you were thinking it was a bit daunting! Don’t worry I already completed a handful of the items on it!

If you don’t remember the current “Before”… it was GREEN… very GREEN!!!!

Drew and I were getting ready to go on a 10 year anniversary trip to Greece the last two weeks of September, so I started this project in August and used the trip as motivation to get the room put back together before we left. (I need time restraints sometimes to get motivated)

Baby mattress was for a child who used to wander in too often at night… I actually highly recommend having one under your bed for said times.

The first project I did was build a custom upholstered bed. I will share a full tutorial for this bed very soon! It was a large project, but very doable, even for a beginner DIY project. You don’t even know how excited I was when it all worked out the way I had planned in my head. I will share a TON of step by step photos and details on the fabric in the tutorial post.

The next and biggest project was painting this room. This took me a hot minute, but the transformation was so good. I LOVE coming into this room now. I wanted a big bold accent wall in a moody blue green and a clean white for the remaining walls.

I decided to paint the main accent wall and the baseboards the same color too. I kept the hanging side lamps because they are so functional and on remote switches. I love that they don’t take up any nightstand surface space too. I still liked the cork shades for a natural element and texture as well.

At this point I decided that I wanted to build out a custom closet and get rid of all of our dressers and other bedroom furniture. I want to use the space to have more seating without feeling crowded. It wasn’t functioning to come into the main bedroom and then back and forth to the closet to get clothes. Our closet is very large and it would be a shame to not bring it to its full potential!!! (ammmiirighhht ladies???)

We priced the furniture to sell and got it out right away. For a temporary solution we bought two plastic drawer sets and put them in our closet. Realistically we each only needed a few drawers to replace the dressers. This is a good way to see what we actually need to function when I make over the closet.

Source List:

Bedding: Duvet- Micro Texture Duvet Cover Set – Project 62™ + Nate Berkus™ Lumbar Pillow- Hearth and Hand with Magnolia @Target

Hanging Lamp: Wooden Bracket- Ikea EKBY VALTER (discontinued) and replaced with Ikea SANDSHULT. Hemma Plug-in Light Fixture Cord Drum Shade- Ikea cork Shade (discontinued). Any Large Drum Shade would work!

Paint: Midnight in the Tropics by Behr in Eggshell. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell

To Do List for Master Bedroom:

  • Build new upholstered king sized bed
  • Sell bedroom set and move clothes into closet
  • Paint walls
  • Hang new curtains and rods
  • Nightstands
  • Electronics/Charger Solution
  • Replace all plug-ins and switches
  • Replace Baseboards
  • Frame out windows
  • Add a couch or daybed
  • Full Length Mirror between windows
  • Faux Fireplace and/or TV built in
  • Add minimal bookshelves/Update Office area
  • Accent Chairs/End of Bed Bench
  • Artwork/photos/plants/decor
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