Master Bedroom No. 1

This is the listing photo on my master bedroom. The room is big. That’s the best thing it had going for it. I feel like I could sneeze looking at those curtains. So dirty!!! As with most of the house, I could see the potential. This house is a very open, spacious floor plan, but the previous owners REALLY made us have to look past the decor.

Fun Fact: We made an offer on this house without Drew seeing it in person. Talk about the ultimate trust test!

This picture was taken August 2019, but it has pretty much looked the same since we moved in. (June 2011). I painted the room this green after we moved in, which looks really bright in this picture, but it’s probably more like the window wall in person. NO EXCUSES it’s terrible. I didn’t love the color from the beginning, but its a LARGE undertaking to paint this room and other things just always took precedence. When we bought I was going through an “overwhelmed by going from decorating a little town house or apartment to a large family home” phase. I tried to paint every room something different. Let’s just say, it didn’t need to be done. Live and learn.

Over the years from 2011-2019 I did the following to this room:

  • filled a million nail/ screw holes and painted the walls
  • hung new curtains
  • replaced the ceiling fan
  • put in new carpet
  • hung bedside hanging lamps
  • towel hooks in hallway
This is the wall across from the bed. The door on the left goes out to the loft and the stairs going down to the main floor.
This is the wall to the left of the door going out to the loft. The hallway to the closet and the bathroom is the opening on the left.

Overall, we have not done much in here. It’s such an amazing space and has so much potential. It was killing me that we could possibly leave this home and had never used this or ENJOYED this space. The area by the door always seemed to be an overflow dumping ground for random items, fix it and donation piles. It’s right off of the loft/playroom and the stairs, so that seems to happen.

Last summer I decided when the kids went back to school I was going to make over this room. I felt like we really deserved a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. I wanted it to be a room we put some effort into because our whole family spends a decent amount of time in here. I have made over kids bedrooms multiple times and I was ready to put in some thought into my own!

This is the hallway off the main bedroom. The door on the left is our closet, the door on the right is the master bathroom.

I knew I wanted to paint, declutter, get rid of all of the main furniture, and get a big high back upholstered bed. I also knew I could build one, so I waited until Drew was on a work trip for a week to attempt it before selling all of our furniture. (He doesn’t LOVE construction zones and I like the element of surprise and a deadline to keep me motivated.)

I feel like there are a million things to do in this room, not even including the closet and bathroom. Here is my main project list:

To Do List for Master Bedroom:

  • Build new upholstered king sized bed
  • Sell bedroom set and move clothes into closet
  • Paint walls
  • Hang new curtains and rods
  • Nightstands
  • Electronics/Charger Solution
  • Replace all plug-ins and switches
  • Replace Baseboards
  • Frame out windows
  • Add a couch or daybed
  • Full Length Mirror between windows
  • Faux Fireplace and/or TV built in
  • Add minimal bookshelves/Update Office area
  • Accent Chairs/End of Bed Bench
  • Artwork/photos/plants/decor

Oh crap, LOL that’s a lot left to do, but I try not to get overwhelmed. Some stuff is 100% going to happen and some are just ideas! It doesn’t all have to happen at once either!

This is basically my “BEFORE” post and I will be sharing what we have done to this room, what it looks like now (obviously with before and after pictures), along with all of the continuing projects as we do them!

Thanks for stopping and comeback for No. 2 update soon!

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