Friday Favorites No. 4

I don’t know how but it’s Friday again and the last day of January! We have a pretty full weekend over here! My girls and Drew have a Father/Daughter Dance on Saturday, tonight we have pizza night (thank you 6lb 7 oz baby Jesus!) and of course it’t the best day of the year for food and FOOTBALL… the Super Bowl! NFL is lyyyyyyfe for my husband and I love me some football party food so I’m just as excited! I will be making a crazy food spread with my favorite buffalo wings! I’m also going to attempt to make some team sugar cookies for our guests. Maybe half-assed housewife will make a cameo!

And now to what you all came here for… Friday Favorites!

Lover Block Hot Pink Graphic Sweatshirt– Beware this is a HUGE online boutique. They put out new stuff everyday and its beautiful!!!! Check their website and subscribe to their emails. They give out a lot of 20% off discount codes. E-mail me if you can’t find one!

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee- and NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in Whipped Caviar-and These two are my favorite combo right now. I am very pale during the winter, but the berry color is perfect. It looks great on warmer skin too. I am wearing it in the picture above too!

Walmart Animal Print Comfiest PJS EVER!– They look like high waters in the picture but they aren’t. The top has a drawstring waist and its cute! They are lightweight but warm. In store you can buy separates. I bought a medium and its roomy. I saw a few other prints but they were picked over for sizing.

Christen Michael Glow Eye Revive– I just went and picked this up today I was dying without it all week. I love Christen and I’ve shared her products before. She’s a friend, her products have a clean list of ingredients, and the smell is just so fresh and amazing. This is corny but its like a drink for under the eyes. Here in the fabulous STL the weather is 70 one day and snowing the next. My skin reacts quickly to it and I need the moisture!!!! Tell Christen you know me for free shipping… JK she ALWAYS has free shipping if you aren’t local!

Well that’s all folks! Thanks for spending your time here and I hope you find something fun for yourself!

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