Friday Favorites No. 2

I hope you all had a great week! I’ve been doing a mini makeover on my kids bathroom this week and it’s almost done. I hurt myself in the process so the last few things are taking me a little longer than normal. Here are some of my favorite things this week I wanted to share with you. The links are clickable through the pictures!

1.Girls Jumper- I just bought this for Stella for our family pictures this weekend (if it doesn’t rain!) So cute. I ordered Stella the biggest size 5/6 and as reviews said, the waist is snug. She’s very lean so it works but if there was a bigger size I would have gone up! Here is the shirt she’s wearing underneath.

2. LuluLemon Align DUPES- These aren’t Lulus BUT they are the under $25 version. They are relatively lightweight, sleek but not super shiny, naked feeling fitness tights/leggings. They also have the seamless waistband. I bought them in black to test them out but I will be buying fun colors because I can justify fun prints with this price tag. If you want a great review of other dupes check out this review on Obviously get these on ASAP for your after Thanksgiving dinner/ shopping pants!!!!

3. Packing Cubes- I am sure you have seen these before, but I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome they are. If you are traveling for the holidays, if you share suitcases between spouses or kids, then you NEED THEM. They save your life and possibly your marriage. It’s amazing how well you can pack and how much you can fit without shifting or having to dig. I need to write a whole post on these, that’s how much I love them. Everyone in my family has a set and right now there is an amazon coupon for $6 off.

4. Good Cook Meal Prep Containers- I found these in Target stores and on amazon which is linked in the picture. These are awesome for kids and adults. I often pack a hot thermos for my kids lunch and these are low profile and you can pack 2 -half cup potions for sides. They are also great if you are running low on snacks and want to send a little of two without multiple containers! They are as pretty as they are functional!

5. tre’ Stique Matte Lip Color and Shiny Balm in Florece Fig- I received this in a sample box, and I can’t remember which one but I LOVE IT. I have it in my purse because color is great for everyday and it looks smooth even when your lips are dry this time of year. The magnetic closing lid is awesome too!

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