Welcome… are you confused?  We have been too. Cat and I have been going over the last year in our heads and out loud with each other in every way possible.  We started this business on the backs of our previous businesses, in hopes of offering better customer service and efficiency.  We were so excited to work together.  A few months into starting “A Blank Box”, we thought of ” The Doodle and Company.”

If you don’t know us personally, we both have golden doodle dogs that we adore.  We both spent countless hours looking at dog pictures and falling in love with these animals before convincing our husbands we couldn’t live without one.  “The Doodle and Company” was our baby, but we had too many irons in the fire to give it the attention that it needed.  We rocked our monogram/personalization business, “A Blank Box” through the holidays.  We ended the year ready for a break with our families.  It was awesome to take some time away.

Cat and I have worked so hard this year to start sloughing off commitments and obligations that aren’t serving us, our families, and our personal goals. We decided this is the beginning of #quiteverything. (Which sadly does not include laundry, cooking, working out, and having adult responsibilities.) It does however pertain to things we say we have to do, but we don’t.  It pertains to things we are trying to be martyrs for doing.  What we realized is that we had NOT done that in our business, even though we were thinking we had it figured out.  You cannot sustain never saying NO!  (personal or professionally) We had to come to the realization that just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.    This seems obvious, but both of our personalities love to be challenged by taking on project after project.  I know a lot of friends who are the same way.  I hear them say they HAVE to do something or they HAVE to go somewhere, but they are dreading every minute of it.  (Think about that before you say yes.  Are you spending your days living a life you are dreading?)

So after a lot of thinking, discussing it and going over it and back to it and around it once again, we have revamped our business structure.  “Anna and Cat” will be your place to find our blog and other lifestyle type content.   Thedoodleandcompany.com will continue to be our pet product based business. We are really excited to service you and your fur babies!

You might be wondering why I am telling you all of this.  You might wonder why someone would tell you they took on too much, made A LOT of mistakes, weren’t hitting the goals they wanted to, were feeling spread as thin as butter on a calorie counters bread.  I am telling you this so, number one, you aren’t wondering if we are NUTS when you start seeing all of the changes.  (Spoiler Alert: WE ARE.)  On a serious note, I am telling you, because I hear a lot from people close to me that I do it all, that I keep it all together, that I’m killing it.  Sometimes I am, but I also fall victim to running myself into the ground, taking on other peoples expectations, and never saying no for sanity sake.   It’s something I have been working on intentionally in the last few years.  The moral of the story is, when you have too many irons in the fire, you aren’t attending to many very well.  Most of all you aren’t attending to yourself very well.

If you made it this far, you are an angel.  I hope you all will like what we have in store here for you in the future.  I’m not going to label what the content will be, because it’s going to be a melting pot!  I guess it would be called a “lifestyle blog” but I’m not going to be showing you how perfect our lives are, because they aren’t!  (Although I am currently sitting on my couch with the most bomb-ass blanket from Costco watching RHWO Orange County and no one is here to tell me how terrible this show is!)

Thank you for all of your love and support in our first year! Don’t forget to check out our shop website The Doodle and Company.  We are adding holiday items regularly.


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